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Our online Catalogue is now closed for the season. Please visit back in December for our 2016 selection of potatoes.

Fingerling Potatoes
Early Varieties
Mid Season Varieties
Late Season Varieties
Garden Accessories

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Heritage Potatoes Indicates Heritage Varieties (varieties that originate from before 1950)

Located in Central Alberta we have growing seed potatoes for the past 29 years. Growing potatoes in our cold climate results in vigorous seed potatoes which perform exceptionally well in all other regions in Canada. We pride our selves in offering Canada's largest selection of seed potatoes to home gardeners, market gardeners and nurseries across Canada.

Seed Potatoes

Unfortunately we will have a limited selection of varieties for the 2015 growing season. A sever hail storm drastically reduced our yields. As a result many varieties we will not be selling. Below we have updated our selection of availability, many of which we have sourced from other Alberta Seed Growers to compensate for our reduced yields this year.


Our Seed Potatoes
In 2014 we reduced the use of synthetic fertilizer by 80% by substituting with Organic sources of Nutrients. This year plan to use only organic fertilizer in our seed fields.
We will also be preparing future fields with a plow down cover crop to aid in weed control and soil fertility. We are currently in our 2nd year of our 5 year plan to eliminate the use for synthetic fertilizers and chemicals and obtain Organic Certification.


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Variety Bag

Mixed Season Bag


Early - Sieglinde
Mid - Red Gold
Mid - Chieftain
Late - Russian Blue

4 potato pack $3.50
(one potato of each variety)
16 potato pack $ 9.50
(4 potatoes of each variety
Gardeners Favorites

Linzer Delikatess

4 potato pack $3.50
(one potato of each variety)
16 potato pack $ 9.50
(4 potatoes of each variety

New Variety Pack
This varieties are all new to our
selection this year.

Gold Rush

4 potato pack $3.50
(one potato of each variety)
16 potato pack $ 9.50
(4 potatoes of each variety
Heritage Variety Bag

Rode Eerstelling
Russian Blue

4 potato pack $3.50
(one potato of each variety)
16 potato pack $ 10.50
(4 potatoes of each variety


Fingerling Varieties


Banana Heritage Potato A late maturing variety with generally, small banana shaped tubers, covered with light yellow skin containing pale yellow flesh. The waxy texture holds the tuber together for fabulous potato for salads. Very high set can be expected. Moderately resistant to common scab.
Foursum $2.95 1kg $9.45 5kg $26.45


AmaRosa is a mid-season fingerling potato with a smooth bright red skin, and deep red flesh. These creamy nutritious fingerlings are great for baking, roasting, and grilling. AmaRosa also make fantastically colorful potato chips as they retain their bright red color when fried.

Foursum $2.95

1kg $9.45

5kg $26.45
French Fingerling

Late maturing oblong tubers with a red skin and light yellow flesh. This variety has drawn by far and away the largest number and most favorable comments from last years customers. It has the waxy texture characteristic of most fingerling varieties. It grows well and sets fairly heavy.
Unavailable for 2015

Lindzer Deleketess The Linzer is an early-maturing and another waxy potato most popular for boiling or making salads. Potatoes are small & oval with yellow skin. Linzer Delikatess is one of our top selling potatoes to home and market gardeners
Foursum $2.95 1kg $9.45 5kg $26.45

Pink Fir Apple

Heritage PotatoGrown for over 100 years, this fingerling is quite unusual with long knobby pink- skinned tubers. These potatoes make excellent salads but are also boiled & baked.

Unavailable for 2015

Early Season Varieties


Caribe is a high yielding oblong potatoes with excellent storage qualities. It is one of my favorite baked potatoes as it has a nice moist fhesh when cooked.

Foursum $2.45 1kg $7.95 5kg $21.95
ERAMOSA Caribe Eramosa is our only early white variety this year and produces a reasonably high yield for an early season potato. Eramosa was originally selected right here in Canada at the Guelph Potato Program in 1970. Great for boiling baking.
Foursum $2.45  1kg $6.95  5kg $18.95

Heritage PotatoA new variety in our catalogue, yet it is said Irish Cobbler has been grown since the late 1800’s. Has some susceptibility to scab. Mainly used as a boiled or baked potato.


NORLAND Norland Smooth red skin, shallow eyes white flesh. No internal defects, few irregular tubers. Some resistance to scab and rhizoctonia (black scurf)
Foursum $2.45 1kg $6.95 5kg $18.95

PACIFIC RUSSET PACIFIC RUSSET Newly released, russet skin white flesh, very shallow eyes. Good yield uniform size. Great boiled or baked. Rated very high in Ontario industry trials for yield and uniformity.
Foursum $2.45 1kg $6.95 5kg $18.95
RODE EERSTELLING Rode Eersteling Heritage PotatoA new addition to our selection of heritage potatoes. Rode Eersteling is an average yielding potato with a pale yellow flesh.
Foursum $2.45 1kg $8.45 5kg $23.45


A very smooth light yellow potato with very thin skin. The flesh is firm and great for storing through the winter. An excellent potato for roasting and boiling .


WARBA Warba  Heritage Potato 1933 - Round tubers, buff skin, reddish areas around deep eyes, white flesh. Good yielding potato suitable for boiling or baking.



Mid Season Varieties

Light yellow skin, dark yellow flesh, shallow eyes. High yielding variety, large tubers. Excellent baker good boiled or fried.



Interesting pink colouring inside this tuber. Developed in Alaska, it is great for cooler climates. Be sure to get it in early as it is a later mid season variety.



Candy Cane

Candy Cane has a mottled ring of red under the skin. The amount of red depends on the growing season. It is a oblong potato with a slight sweet flavour.



Cherry Red Oval smooth red skin with white flesh. Moderate resistance to rhizoctonia (black scurf). Attractive potato with good storability. Excellent for baking or boiling.


Eric Crisp white flesh mid season variety. Good for chipping and boiling. Mild resistance to scab.
CHIEFTAIN Chieftain Oval to oblong tubers with bright red skin. Shallow eyes with white flesh. Great boiled and for home fries. Rated as moderately resistant to scab and rhizoctonia (black scurf)
Foursum $2.45 1kg $6.95 5kg $18.95


One of the best uses for this potato is making chips. It has a pale yellow skin and white flesh. Dakota Pearl also has a good resistance to scab. Also a great storage potato


GOLD RUSH Gold Rush Gold Rush is a great alternative to Russet Burbank which has been a staple in many gardens for years. Gold Rush is an early maturing russet variety, great for boiling and baking.
Foursum $2.45    1kg $6.95  5kg k$18.95

This is a high producing potato with yellow skin and white flesh. It stores extremely well and is great boiled, baked or fried.


NICOLA Nicola Long to oval shape with a rich yellow skin and yellow waxy flesh. Excellent as a salad or boiling potato, wonderful for mash. Also excellent for baked potato dishes and roasting. Originally from West Germany, now widely grown around the world.
Foursum $2.45 1kg $7.95 5kg $21.95
NOVELLA Novella Novella is a new variety with a yellow skin and pale yellow flesh. Potatoes are good and of uniform size. Novella is suitable for cultivation on different soil types but can be susceptible to common scab.
Foursum $2.45 1kg $7.95 5kg $21.95
PROVENTO   Yellow Skin and yellow flesh this potato is either baked or boiled. Provento is a very heavy setting potato with a firm texture, but may be susceptible to scab.



Round, purple skin, shallow eyed tubers. This is a very popular purple cousin to the Viking. Tubers can get quite large. We enjoy this moist flesh potato baked or boiled. Displays some resistance to scab.

Unavailable for 2015

RED GOLD Red Gold Slightly pinkish moist flesh texture, red gold has a moderate resistance to scab. Used for boiling and baking
Foursum $2.45 1kg $7.95 5kg $21.95


Oval potatoes with bright red skin and white flesh. Roko has a unique quality of producing high yields with uniform potatoes. Also excellent for over winter storage.



Smooth red skin on oblong to round sometimes netted tubers with medium deep eyes and light yellow flesh. Generally the flesh will become more yellow throughout storage. For best cooking results harvest tubers when mature, as late in the season as possible allowing the skins to fully set

Limited Availability

Foursum $2.45 1kg $7.95 5kg $21.95

SANGRE Sangre Oval to oblong tubers, dark red skin, shallow eyes, with white flesh. Has a very low incidence of internal defects such as hollow heart and is rated as high in Vitamin C. A good storage potato that is suitable for boiling and baking.
Foursum $2.45 1kg $6.95 5kg $18.95

SHEPODY Shepody Long tubers, white skin, white moist flesh medium deep eyes. Excellent tasting potato. Excellent for boiling, baking or french fries. Some resistance to rhizoctonia (black scurf)
Foursum $2.45 1kg $6.95 5kg $18.95


Heritage PotatoYellow Finn are known for a creamy yellow flesh. A great alternative to Yukon Gold.

Unavailable for 2015 - Nicola & Novella are two an excellent yellow fleshed substitute for Yellow Fin

YUKON GOLD Yukon Gold Oval, slightly flattened tubers, yellow, skin light yellow flesh. Tubers can grow quite large and store well. Good for boiling baking and frying. Plants look similar to a tomato plant.
Foursum $2.45 1kg $6.95 5kg $18.95



Late Season Varieties

Heritage PotatoAll Blue is believed to originate in the late 1800's. Blue potatoes are great roasted, steamed, mashed and sauteed. Similar to the Russian Blue, it is moderately susceptible to scab, but is also high in antioxidants.


ALL RED All Red Round tubers that are rated as medium to late maturity. This potato has a good yield with red skinned and distinctive red flesh tubers that maintain their color after cooking. It has an excellent flavor and a moist texture.
Unavailable for 2015 - AmaRosa is another red fleshed potatoes we will be offering this season. AmaRosa is a fingerling, so it will cook differently than the All Red and will mature earlier.
BINTJE Bintje Heritage Potato 1910 -Pale yellow skin on a long oval tuber with a yellow flesh. Heavy setting, the thick skin makes this a good storage potato. Excellent all purpose potato with fairly dry texture.
Foursum $2.45 1kg $7.95 5kg $21.95


Blue Mac is our smallest purple skin white-fleshed potato. Great either boiled or baked. These tubers are also resistant to potato wart


DESIREE Desiree   

Long to oval smooth red skinned potato with pale yellow flesh. Good storage potato suitable for boiling. Resists internal defects such as hollow heart.



Fantastic buttery flavor in these oval heirloom potatoes. Great for eating fresh or for storing throughout the winter. Since introducing German Butterballs to our selection it has grown to one of the most popular varieties we offer..


GREEN MOUNTAIN Green Mountain Heritage PotatoAll round fantastic potato for home gardeners. Perfect for french fries, baking and boiling.
 Foursum $2.45 1kg $7.45    $21.95
RUSSET BURBANK Russet Burbank Heritage Potato 1874 - (Netted Gem) Long cylindrical tubers with white flesh, heavy netted russet skin. Very good storage, good all purpose potato.

Foursum $2.45

1kg $6.95

5kg $18.95

RUSSIAN BLUE Russain Blue Heritage PotatoThis late maturing, dark blue skin and flesh variety has round to oblong tubers. A very heavy setting, large plant that should be spaced at 12 inches or more in an effort to get it to maturity by fall. The flavor is remarkably normal for such a distinctively visual variety.
Foursum $2.45 1kg $8.45 5kg $23.45


Garden Accessories
*Note: GST will be calculated during the checkout process*
FLOATING ROW COVER Desiree This white fabric is great at retaining heat around your potatoes on cool spring nights. It will also provide up to 5 degrees of frost protection in the fall. the fabric is water permeable allowing rain water to reach your plants
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1.5m x 3m $12.00
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3m x 6m $20
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3m x 12m $30



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$75 .00 

-100 feet of this drip tape will release .3 gallons of water per min. This allows the water to soak into the ground with minimal evaporation

-This is a basic system, if you require additional parts or tape for a larger area please call

-We have used this drip tape on potatoes in the field and in our own garden for a number of years and have observed that we can obtain similar or better yields with only 30% of the water used in our sprinkler irrigation systems.

  • 100 feet of drip tape, emitters spaced 8 inches
  • 20 feet of header hose (connects drip tape to water faucet)
  • Accessories for 5 rows
  • Water filter, regulator and adapters used to attach the drip system to a garden hose or water faucet
  • Complete instructions for proper assembly and operation

Organic Fertilizer

Bio Fert's "Tomato & Vegetable Granular and Liquid Fertilizers"
100% Organic

Orgunique Granular Granular
2kg $11.95
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Orgunique Liquid Liquid
500ml $9.95
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An all-natural specialized liquid tomato & vegetable formula from Biofert's "Orugunique" line that contains 10 organic ingredients including calcium, kelp, and humates. Humates are recognized for increased nutrient availability and uptake efficiency. Product of Canada. -

Potato Recommendations
Granular - 2kg of granular fertilizer can be distributed in the row of 5kg of potatoes. Thoroughly mix in the fertilizer before planting.

Liquid - 5kg of potatoes will utilize approximately 250ml liquid fertilizer throughout the summer. Mix 20ml liquid fertilizer in 1 liter of water and apply at planting, then every 2-3 weeks during the growing season. Pre-wet your ground before applying the liquid fertilizer.




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